The circadian

By experiencing a good night sleep
cellular repair takes places
when being supported by the right
formulas and concentration.
Jessica Hoyer

Our human cells, including our skin work around and autonomous clock and the genes that regulate their functioning. At night the primary function of the skin is repairing any damage (particularly DNA impairment) incurred during the day prevails. These repairing and replenishing activities on our skin are driven through circadian rhythms using clock genes that exist in all cutaneous cells.

Important cutaneous functions such as blood fl ow, transepidermal water loss, and capacitance are a ected by circadian rhythms. The level of hydration and infl ammation are also among the several functions pertaining to epidermal homeostasis a ected by circadian rhythms and our quality of sleep. A lack of sleep can result into skin that is a ected by having a weaker quality of collagen fi bers and skin tones, leaving the skin with fi ne lines and enlarged pores and having higher infl ammatory levels.

Since optimal repair processes require optimal rest, there’s a direct tie between abbreviated sleep schedules and accelerated skin aging. “All conducted research worldwide has led to understanding that only when our body experiences a good night sleep, its collagen levels and growth hormones are activated and, wound healing, cellular repair takes place and only when being optimal supported by the right formulas with the right concentration “ says Jessica Hoyer.

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