Are BYNACHT® products cruelty free?

Yes, without exception. We have never tested our products on animals and will never do so.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Once opened, BYNACHT® products have a shelf life of at least 6 months. There are certainly skin care products on the market that have a much longer shelf life - but because we don´t use any potentially harmful preservatives, our products do not have that long of a shelf life.

However, we're sure you'll love using them so much that they'll be used up well before the 6 months is up....

Do your skin care products contain essential oils?

No, essential oils are only included in our sleep promoting balms and oils - 100% pure and organic as well as fair trade.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

Absolutely. If you are ever unsure, feel free to ask your doctor.

Are your products vegan?

Almost all BYNACHT® products are vegan. Only 4 products contain marine collagen: Nocturnal Signature Anti-Age Cream, Moonlit Meadows Moisturizer, High Moon Firming Decolleté Gel and the Hypercharged Glass Skin Serum. The reason is simple: there is no adequate artificial substitute that even comes close to the effectiveness of marine collagen.

Are your products comedogenic?

No. None of our products contain ingredients suspected of causing acne or similar inflammatory processes on the skin.

Is BYNACHT® really manufactured in Germany?

Yes. We produce exclusively in Germany.

Where can I get samples of your products?

You are welcome to request a sample of your desired product at samples@bynacht.com.

Skin care products

Which serum works best for my hyperpigmentation?

The Illuminating Super C Serum eliminates pigment spots thanks to a particularly effective Vitamin C derivative called Tetraisopalmitate.

Why is the Hypercharged Glass Skin Serum always sold out on your site?

Hypercharged Glass Skin Serum is one of our international best sellers, so orders are always placed from many countries sometimes at the same time.

Can you make a Pillow Mist?

It makes no sense to spray the precious BYNACHT® ingredients on your pillow. From there they don't/almost don't get on your skin. However, you can spray our Overnight Onboard Hydration Mist on your face before bed instead. The feel AND effect of this micro-fine, instant hydrating and anti-inflammatory spray beats any Pillow Mist hands down.

Sleep-enhancing products

What's the difference between the White Noise and the Sleeping Balm?

The Perfect Nacht Sleeping Balm is perfect for general sleep and difficulty falling asleep. The Perfect Nacht White Noise Balm helps with mental sleep problems - for example due to stress or circling thoughts.


Can I use your sleep-enhancing products during pregnancy?

Yes, without any problems at all. If you are ever unsure, feel free to ask your doctor.

Can the sleep balm be used on children?

Yes, very well. Children also often have problems falling asleep due to stress, irregular bedtimes or other factors. We recommend applying the balms to the soles of the feet for children.

What carriers and oils are used in your balms?

We use the highest quality shea butter and jojoba oil in addition to 100% pure, organic essential oils

Can I apply the balms to my face?

All BYNACHT® sleep-inducing balms and oils are applied exclusively to the body's pulse points - because this is the only way for the aromatherapeutically effective components to quickly reach the blood flow and thus the brain, where they can unfold their scientifically proven effect in a natural way. Pulse points are among other things: the insides of the wrists, temples, the sides of the neck and the soles of the feet.

If your concern isn’t addressed, please reach out to us via email to info@bynacht.com