BYNACHT® – a dream,
born out of sleepless nights

I tried dozens of skincare products to at least look rested, but did not find a satisfying solution.

To BYNACHT® founder JESSICA HOYER, sleep had been a luxury for a long time. Running her own advertising agency, it became even more desirable. Finally when she became a mother, deep sleep turned into an unreachable dream. To Jessica, me-time was something she vaguely knew from hearsay.

“When I looked in the mirror after a long flight, getting up or at a hotel room prior to a meeting, I could literally see every single minute of sleep I missed out on ON MY SKIN.

I tried dozens of skincare products to at least look rested, but did not find a satisfying solution.“

“After years in advertising for clients myself, I knew I wasn’t up for another marketing brand. I wanted immediate but also long lasting results and clean, good products that would just deliver results. I started researching on my own about ingredients that would work and soon discovered, that I wanted to know more. I talked my own board of dermatologists, neurologists and a sleep expert from NYC – and found out that perfect sleep and perfect skin cannot be separated – with one being prerequisite for the other.

The idea of transferring all the results from my findings, the labs, science data, research and all the clinical studies we then conducted about ingredients and formula science into my own products to share the results, became louder inside me.“

Jessica Hoyer - CEO of BYNACHT

“I did not want any compromises but a totally new approach in skincare where cutting-edge technology was key in order to ensure effectiveness with using active ingredients and completely new formulas.“

After 7 years of creating, BYNACHT® was born – out of sleepless nights.
A revolutionary skincare regimen based on the incredibly efficient interaction of sleep and beauty – dedicated to today’s multifaceted women and working hard at the only time where they don’t have to: At night!